Here is a list of useful, informative, and thought provoking articles that are relevant to all parents. My hope is that they stimulate a dialogue amongst parents and those that are invested in our youth. I welcome your comments.

ParentTeen_Transitioning from Home to College.pdf  This issue of Parenteen includes topics including Transitioning From Home To College and  Emancipation, Stress, and The Road To College.

What Is It About 20-Somethings.pdf  Sociologists traditionally define the “transition to adulthood” as marked by five milestones: completing school, leaving home, becoming financially independent, marrying and having a child. Why are so many people in their 20s taking so long to grow up?

Life Comes At Our Kids Fast: How Are They Handling It and Who’s Helping Them?.pdf   In this reprint of an article in The Good Life, Mark White describes milieu therapy and talk therapy and how these relate to the group work he does with adolescents.








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In my private practice, I provide psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families. I also provide parent consultation, assessment, parenting skills, and discipline techniques, as well as determining whether individual, group, or family therapy would be beneficial.

In addition, my co-facilitator Robert Rowland and I provide groups for adolescents and young adults.

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From Theory into Practice: Combining Experiential and Talk Group Psychotherapy for Adolescents Mark White, LCSW, LMFT, is a seasoned group and family psychotherapist who has worked in private practice in the Austin area for over 25 years. He presented at the February meeting of the Austin Chapter of the Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy on both the theory of group psychotherapy with families, specifically adolescent boys, […]

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